Week Optometry in Mexicali campus

On Wednesday March 30, My Dentist in Baja was present at the Xochicalco University in the Mexicali campus in optometry school by reason of its 3rd academic cultural week, so my doctor was invited to discuss the importance of create a brand, and likewise to provide the great benefits that My Dentist in Baja has for you,and what it represents in the health area.

My Doctor Xochicalco 2My Doctor Xochicalco

The inauguration was led by the Vice Chancellor of the campus,  Alejandro Vizcarra, in the presence of the Academic Director, Lic. Carlos Garcia, the Director of the School of Optometry, Lic. Arturo Anaya, as well as special guests including Dr. Jack Medina, parents, teachers and the general public.

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Sialoadenitis ,Swollen glands Salivary

Sialoadenitis ,Swollen glands Salivary

Sialadenitis , Causes, Symptoms and treatment in a previous article we discussed mumps swelling of the parotid glands , today we speak of another disorder , inflammation of the salivary glands, sialadenitis .

The Sialadenitis It is inflammation of the glands that produce saliva. In this case the ducts become clogged and not saliva secreted. Our saliva is essential for the proper functioning of our health. A problem in the function of the salivary glands can lead to gum disease or dental caries. Our salivary glands produce about one liter of saliva a day. This saliva is essential for lubrication of the mouth, helps us to swallow, it protects teeth against bacteria and helps in digestion of food. The three pairs of major salivary glands are: The parotid glands on both sides of the face   The submadibulares glands in the floor of the mouth  The sublingual glands under the tongueSaliva reaches the mouth through small tubes called ducts, when the sialoadenitis affects these ducts arises, there may be swelling, blockage or obstruction of the ducts.



The disease is usually caused by salivary stones or by a bacterial or viral infection , but sometimes can arise due to other causes such as allergic reaction , blow or excessive radiation. Staphylococcus aureus and other microorganisms such as streptococci or anaerobic bacteria can cause disease. Sialadenitis in the salivary duct is blocked and this causes swelling of the salivary gland , plus pain and bad taste . Sialoadenitis is more common in adults with salivary calculi or stones.


Salivary stones these calculations are accumulations of salivary crystallized saliva deposits . These stones or calculi can sometimes clog the ducts and block the flow of saliva . If saliva can not leave will accumulate in the gland and cause pain and swelling . It’s pain is usually intermittent and will progressively worse . The disease can be acute and chronic duration or temporary

Chronic Sialadenitis

It is recurrent inflammation of the salivary glands. reduced saliva , this condition is usually caused by the presence of stones or deposited salivary duct occurs . Chronic infection can also occur after a previous episode of acute sialadenitis . Mumps or recurrent parotitis also conducive to chronic sialadenitis is from .



The symptoms of this inflammation can be varied depending on people, but we leave you with the most common: Swelling in the area of the gland   pain discomfort when talking and swallowing. Pain below the jaw  Dry mouth  Shaking chills  Fever  Edema or swelling of the salivary gland  Pain in the neck  toothache  Nausea and vomiting


The treatment will take into account the cause that caused the disorder. The doctor after assessing the patient’s symptoms prescribe a treatment, usually if the infection is caused by Staphylococcus Staphyloccoccu or the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to fight infection -causing agent . In addition measures such as drinking water to stay well hydrated , use hot compresses , massages in the gland and maintaining good oral hygiene is recommended.

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Consequences of not brushing teeth



Consequences of not brushing teeth

Oddly enough there are many people who do not wash their teeth regularly and periodically. An investigation by the American Dental Association indicate that 30 percent of Americans do not brush their teeth many times that recommended or for long enough. In addition, 23 percent said they can go several days without carrying out any kind of dental hygiene.

The truth is that patients may lose the habit of brushing your teeth during adolescence and youth but when midlife arrival, they discover the consequences of this action again to resume proper dental hygiene.

Disorder times, bad habits can cause us to forget brushing, using rinses and regular dental visits, all related to dental hygiene. But adults should remind young people and teenagers the importance of what you can tell at a glance.

We must never forget that the problems encountered in the mouth can end up causing very serious consequences for patients, including may end up causing the loss of some parts. Other possible problems if you do not have good dental hygiene found the gum disease, tooth decay, periodontitis.

To spend about 24 hours without using toothpaste and brush will begin to accumulate a thin layer that will serve as a reservoir for bacteria. This anger layer to grow as the days go by and if the patient takes hygiene habits.

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Why is it so important to have your teeth cleaned?

Why is it so important to have your teeth cleaned?


Professional teeth cleaning or dental prophylaxis, is a preventive treatment that involves the removal of dental tartar, plaque and surface stains by ultrasound in order to prevent diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis and caries. It should be prescribed by a dentist, according to the needs of each patient, and must be performed by a person with specific training for this.

The dental prophylaxis procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes and is performed using the following steps:

Medical history, because patients with different diseases such as heart disease, immunocompromised, or anti coagulated with pacemakers, take special preventive measures as well as in patients with periodontal disease, which require specific treatment and not enough with a dental cleaning.

Complete overhaul of the mouth, both of teeth, gums and mucous like to rule out any oral pathology.

Explanation and review of basic oral hygiene instructions to the patient, such as brushing and interdental cleaning do.

Removal of subgingival and supragingival calculus through a sonicator.

Polished with baking spray to remove surface stains snuff, coffee, chlorhexidine ….

Dental prophylaxis is the most important preventive treatment is painless and contrary to what they say “urban legends,” does not wear the enamel, since all that is removed it is the accumulation of tartar and tooth tissue ever.

A person with optimum oral health conditions, should be cleaned once a year to enjoy the advantages and benefits that this procedure provides:

It prevents diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Prevents cavities by removing plaque.

It prevents halitosis, a symptom that can affect the social life of the patient.

Improves the appearance of your teeth, giving a sense of care and extraordinary cleaning.

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And remember, the best treatment is always prevention.

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Tips for caring for your mouth at Christmas

Tips for caring for your mouth at Christmas


Christmas is approaching, and with them, days of joy, celebration, gatherings with family and friends, business meals … ie commitments that make it inevitable escape the routine and commit some excesses that may affect our health and that of our teeth. Therefore, from My Dentist in Baja we tell you some basic tips to avoid risks and take care of your oral health in these special days.

Do not forget to brush your teeth, brush and make your best ally: It is important not to neglect hygiene these days, and not skip brushing after meals, and especially before going to bed. It would be desirable us with brush trip to take over when we are away from home, but we still proves impossible, it is advisable at least chewing gum after eating to produce more saliva and to reduce acids in the mouth that attack tooth enamel .

Controls the intake of sweets, it’s Christmas and of course we will not forbid you to eat or some typical Christmas nougat dessert, but if you say that regules consumption and you avoid eating between meals, since sugars with a lack of hygiene, They can promote tooth decay. Beware of hard foods, such as hard nougat, nuts or shellfish, since the chew can fracture fillings, crowns or veneers, and if you are carrying any orthodontic bracket can be removed.

Do not ignore your breath: alcohol, snuff, condiments or spices favor halitosis, therefore, when you brush your teeth, do not forget to clean the tongue and interdental cleaning. Prevents tooth sensitivity: the intake of acidic foods and drinks increases the risk of dental hypersensitivity New year, new life is a good time to become good purposes, such as quitting smoking, as the snuff is very damaging to our general and dental health in particular, so as not to postpone the visit with your dentist who come thinking since time, to avoid further problems in your oral health.

Give health: these days we all have around, a good option would be to give a dental product or service, such as teeth whitening, facial rejuvenation treatment with plasma, or anyone helping improve oral health. In My Dentist in Baja you find the best specialists in Baja California.

Always go with a smile on, smiling extends life, exercise the brain, reduces stress, improves mood and makes people happy around you.