Why is it so important to have your teeth cleaned?

Why is it so important to have your teeth cleaned?


Professional teeth cleaning or dental prophylaxis, is a preventive treatment that involves the removal of dental tartar, plaque and surface stains by ultrasound in order to prevent diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis and caries. It should be prescribed by a dentist, according to the needs of each patient, and must be performed by a person with specific training for this.

The dental prophylaxis procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes and is performed using the following steps:

Medical history, because patients with different diseases such as heart disease, immunocompromised, or anti coagulated with pacemakers, take special preventive measures as well as in patients with periodontal disease, which require specific treatment and not enough with a dental cleaning.

Complete overhaul of the mouth, both of teeth, gums and mucous like to rule out any oral pathology.

Explanation and review of basic oral hygiene instructions to the patient, such as brushing and interdental cleaning do.

Removal of subgingival and supragingival calculus through a sonicator.

Polished with baking spray to remove surface stains snuff, coffee, chlorhexidine ….

Dental prophylaxis is the most important preventive treatment is painless and contrary to what they say “urban legends,” does not wear the enamel, since all that is removed it is the accumulation of tartar and tooth tissue ever.

A person with optimum oral health conditions, should be cleaned once a year to enjoy the advantages and benefits that this procedure provides:

It prevents diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Prevents cavities by removing plaque.

It prevents halitosis, a symptom that can affect the social life of the patient.

Improves the appearance of your teeth, giving a sense of care and extraordinary cleaning.

Do not be fooled and go to your confidence Dental Clinic, where you get all the guarantees of quality and qualified professionals to treat you.

And remember, the best treatment is always prevention.

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