Week Optometry in Mexicali campus

On Wednesday March 30, My Dentist in Baja was present at the Xochicalco University in the Mexicali campus in optometry school by reason of its 3rd academic cultural week, so my doctor was invited to discuss the importance of create a brand, and likewise to provide the great benefits that My Dentist in Baja has for you,and what it represents in the health area.

My Doctor Xochicalco 2My Doctor Xochicalco

The inauguration was led by the Vice Chancellor of the campus,  Alejandro Vizcarra, in the presence of the Academic Director, Lic. Carlos Garcia, the Director of the School of Optometry, Lic. Arturo Anaya, as well as special guests including Dr. Jack Medina, parents, teachers and the general public.

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Peruvian Business and Food Expo

Peruvian Business and Food Expo

On Saturday March 26 My Doctor in Baja and My Dentist in Baja was present in the Peruvian Business and Food Expo event held in Balboa Park in Hall of nations, an event organized by House Of Peru.

For 3 hours, with an estimated 100 attendees they enjoyed mostly Latino music and tasting desserts of Peru, as well as their culture.


My Doctor in Baja was present showing their App, as well as benefits inviting them to download them to find the best specialists for health care in Baja California.





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